Branch Manager / On Site Risk Management Procedures

Branch Manager / On Site Risk Management Procedures

The Branch should have 3 different Risk management document packages. All of these are internal forms that are not to be given out. They are only to be filled out with the aid of a SURESTAFF representative.

On claims with no treatment, we just need the Med Refusal Form filled out with specific body part and action detailed. Also note that an employee has the right to change their mind and seek medical treatment at a later date. This can happen if symptoms persist or worsen over time.

On claims where treatment is requested, the Incident with Treatment Claim Forms packet needs to be filled out. Please include specifics like position worked, weight lifted, exact items moved / lifted, exact location of the accident (example: Line 3 palletizer on second shift), specific chemicals involved, Etc…

We expect Branch Managers and On-site’s to do preliminary investigations.  Whenever possible, obtain video of the incident, get pictures of the work environment, get pictures of specific items that caused injury. Also make sure we have a current Job Description for the position. This specific information helps us make sure the injured worker gets proper treatment and also reduces the cost of our claims. It is also much easier to gather this information immediately after the incident occurs, rather than weeks or months later when disputes or complications arise.

Make every attempt to get a photo and corresponding release of the injured party on treatment claims. Sometimes when we give authorization to the medical provider, they ask for a description if they do not have ID. The pic allows us to authorize on spot.

Occasionally, there is a witness to the accident/incident. They are to fill out the witness statement separate from the injured employee.

Send all required documents, and information gathered to the risk management department as soon as possible. Our email group address is uploaded into you contacts by SURESTAFF as

Additionally, when reporting incidents please include the employees name and ID Number in the subject line. Lastly please report every incident, no matter how small, in a timely manner. We strive to have an investigation and report into our insurance within 1 work day of incidents.