Benefits of an Onsite Staffing Program

onsites staffing benefits

The benefits of an onsite staffing program are broad – ranging from mechanical – reporting, timekeeping, metrics and KPIs – to operational and cultural – efficient workforce management, function and vendor consolidation, and communications.

In a recent blog, we explained how an Onsite or Vendor on Premise (VOP) Staffing Program works. For large users of temporary staffing, an onsite program is when the temp agency co-locates an office or branch within the customer worksite. This allows for enhanced management of a large temp workforce and provides significant advantages and benefits to both the customer, agency, and temporary employees – it is a strategic decision.

For many organizations, having a staffing partner onsite is a great solution. Let’s look at some of the key benefits that make onsite programs so attractive.

Five Key Benefits to Onsite Staffing Programs

1. Yields a Better Workforce Strategy

Employing an onsite staffing model provides a robust, unified, and holistic workforce strategy with a personal and expert touch. Why? When you have a team of staffing professionals onsite, they can manage critical HR tasks such as…

  • Talent acquisition
  • Employee engagement and recognition
  • Job responsibilities and workflow
  • Real-time staffing level management
  • Payroll and Billing
  • Retention

The onsite team acts as an extension of the customer’s existing HR department and can help streamline the overall recruiting/staffing function.

A dedicated team immersed in your work environment helps ensure real-time staffing levels are optimized and provides the agency a better understanding of workflow, the manufacturing or distribution process, and job responsibilities and requirements. They handle all your contingent workforce scheduling needs and ensure that every area is staffed with the right personnel at the right time.

2. Lower Labor and HR costsonsite and VOP workforce management

Having a dedicated team on-site allows for labor and HR cost savings.

Recruiting, hiring, training, and management of contingent employees are strategic and tactical and often consume a large amount of time and resources.

An onsite program allows the consolidation of vendors and the ability to outsource many critical HR functions – reducing the pressure and effort required by many large customers. Having a single point of contact for managing the temp workforce significantly reduces communications requirements and helps reduce errors and improves implementation and control of policies, training, and technology.

3. Streamlines and Expands Performance Monitoring

KPIs and performance metrics become more important as large companies scale, or their reporting requirements become more complex.

Onsite programs typically offer pre-packaged reporting solutions and can provide tailored or customized reporting for customers on a case-by-case basis. This allows for tracking capability of the entire contingent workforce offering reporting that measures turnover, attendance, time to hire, overtime management, retention ratios, and the effectiveness of incentive programs on overall workforce management.

4. Improve Job Site Safety

Onsite programs are a complete solution – including risk management and safety.

Safety should always be a top priority and having an onsite can help provide customized onboarding for temporary workers—including ensuring they complete all safety training requirements in general or those specific to a particular customer.

Onsite programs also compliment their offerings with added-value services such as safety briefings, assistance with OSHA evaluations, EEOC and NLRB briefings, workflow and equipment review, certifications, protocols, and training.

“Workforce solutions provider Anserteam has reported seeing a 78% reduction in safety and compliance issues”

5. Scale Your Workforce

Is your company growing? Adding large customers? Introducing new services or production lines?

One great advantage of onsite staffing programs is the ability to outsource much of the staffing requirements to effectively scale. You have a partner that can do much of the “heavy lifting” needed to advertise, recruit, interview, screen, test, and onboard new employees as you grow.

The onsite partner can evaluate staffing needs and help plan for peak, seasonal, non-peak, and high-growth periods – significantly reducing the workload on HR departments and management.

Onsite Staffing Programs: An Advanced Solution for Workforce Management

Onsite programs offer many benefits and advantages to customers and employees. They help streamline the recruiting effort, provide improved reporting and risk/safety management, and allow a closer partnership with client companies allowing for efficiencies, increased productivity, reduced workflow, and improved culture.

The SURESTAFF Onsite Solution

At SURESTAFF, we tailor our onsite solutions to fit your organization’s unique needs.

With our customer-centric approach, we offer the flexibility to deliver high-quality service to companies of all sizes. When we manage your workforce on-site, our team is dedicated to aligning staffing needs and performance with your organization’s business objectives—to provide maximum ROI.

Our onsite staffing services provide the benefits of a large temporary workforce, without the worry of hands-on management. We understand that high-volume staffing presents many challenges including rising costs, personnel shortages, and fluctuating production needs.

With more than 25 years of experience in distribution, logistics, e-commerce, and manufacturing, our workforce consultants will design a solution that will control costs, maximize flexibility, and enhance the overall effectiveness and efficiencies of your workforce strategy without compromising on quality.

Want to learn more? Read this guide to onsite and vendor-on-premise staffing programs.

For more information about Surestaff’s onsite staffing programs and workforce solutions, contact Sandy Picciola, CSP, Senior Vice President – Workforce Solutions Group at 815-412-4440 or email at Learn more about our Onsite Staffing & Workforce Solutions.


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