5 New Year’s Resolutions That Will Take your Career to New Heights

New Year’s resolutions aren’t all about fitness gains, spending less time on social media, or giving up a favorite guilty pleasure snack. Setting intentions for yourself that will benefit your career is a great way to spend your time and energy focusing on your long-term goals. Here’s some New Year’s resolutions that can take your career to new heights!

Earn a Promotion

Everyone wants a promotion, but few people are really willing to do what it takes to turn those New Year’s resolutions into reality. You’ll need to take actionable steps, such as discussing your career path with your manager and developing the skills that are required for the new position. Be sure to document your accomplishments so that when the time comes, you can show why you’re right for the role.

Learn a New Skill

The world of work moves fast, so if you want to boost your career, you’ll need to keep up with the latest trends. What new skill could you develop this year that would help you get where you want to go? Marketing, management, and technology are just a few areas to consider for your New Year’s resolutions. There are a lot of “blue collar” careers and skills that are closely related. If you like working with your hands or want to add to your abilities, consider adding these skills. Focus on skills or career moves that will enhance your ability for promotion – look at the skills manufacturers want.

Manage Your Money

While this may sound like a day-to-day natural resolution, managing your money can help create stability in your life and at work. The distraction of having trouble making ends meet or collection agencies chasing you is not helpful for your career. Make sure you budget, be disciplined and keep track of your cash flow. Your career will thank you.

Organize Your Life

Clutter can throw real obstacles into your attempts to get ahead. Physical clutter makes it tough to find what you need, while digital clutter makes it more likely that you’ll miss an important email. And don’t forget about emotional clutter. If you’re constantly overthinking things or putting them off, or worrying about the future, you will miss opportunities that are right in front of you.

Improve Your Work-Life Balance

Searching for just the right new job takes time and energy. But many of us are already overwhelmed by the job we have. Focus on setting boundaries, turning down extra work, and prioritizing self-care. When you are mentally and physically in balance, you will find it a lot easier to focus on your goals.

Build Your Network

You never know who might be able to point you in a new career direction, so it only makes sense to stay in touch with those you meet. As part of your New Year’s resolutions, commit to reaching out regularly, not just when you need a favor. Share important career news, but also more personal updates. Developing a strong network is relatively easy, and it may be just what you need to boost your career. Work on your soft skills.

Ready for a new job?

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