3 Hacks to Improve Your Own Job Security During Uncertain Times

Are you concerned about the current and future job market? We’re all living in uncertain times, and layoffs can seem like they’re just around the corner. Here are three ways you can improve your own job security.

Push Yourself

Now is the right time to step out of your comfort zone by learning new skills – especially soft skills. Whether you end up pivoting at your current employer, searching for a new job, or staying exactly where you are, broadening your knowledge base is always helpful. Sign up for a class, take advantage of on-the-job training, or inquire about job shadowing.

Look for Opportunities to Do More

Ahead of possible layoffs, the goal is to become someone who is seen as indispensable. Sign up for extra projects and work on your soft skills. Become the go-to person that always helps your coworkers solve problems. Pass along any ideas you have for improving processes to your manager. If lay-offs do occur, be prepared mentally for those affected.

Deepen Your Relationships

It’s just human nature to try to protect those with whom we have the best relationships. If you’re not close with your management team, this is the perfect time to try to build bridges. Get involved with any after-work programs that are available, from weekly happy hours to softball leagues. If there’s nothing going on, suggest something! The goal is to get to know your managers better outside of the workplace, while still keeping things professional.

Times are uncertain right now, and layoffs may never come to pass. But the possibility might be just the wake-up call you need to start paying more attention to your career… you need to be prepared.

If there are no layoffs, you will have gained some new skills and built better working relationships. If they do come, you’ll be in the best possible position to react. Sometimes that means keeping your job, and sometimes it means looking for something new. Either way, the steps you take now can help boost your job security in the long run.


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