3 Easy Ways you Can Fuel your Career Without the Added Extra Stress

Are you trying to fuel your career but still looking for ways to beat stress and burnout? Here are three easy hacks you can use to fuel your career while keeping your stress levels at bay.

Airplane Mode

Just setting your devices to airplane mode can dramatically boost your productivity while lowering your stress levels. According to Forbes, the average person is interrupted every 40 seconds, and it can take an average of 25 minutes to settle back into your routine after a major distraction! Very few emails or messages are actually important enough to be worth all that. So set everything on airplane mode while you’re working. Carve out some time during the workday to respond to everything in a batch, and then shut it all off when you go home.

Done List

To-do lists are great, and they can be incredibly useful. But they can also be stress-inducing. To lower your blood pressure and keep stress at bay, try making a done list. This should include everything you’ve accomplished in the past day or week, from huge projects to small tasks. Reading through it will help you realize just how good you truly are, giving you a sense of pride, reducing boredom, and the mental boost you need to keep plugging along.


Dedicate a physical or digital folder to all the positive feedback you receive. From elaborate praise to small pats on the back, these messages will help to remind you that people appreciate what you do. Whenever you feel your stress levels rising, take a few minutes to read through some of the messages. You’re better than you think you are!

Of course, sometimes the problem isn’t you. It’s your job or your work-life balance. If you feel like you’ve done everything you can and you still aren’t getting ahead, it might be time to walk away. A fresh start may be just what you need to reset how you’re feeling and take your career to the next level. Working on your soft skills can be a great way to advance your current career or prepare for your next job.


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